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Conference Series LLC Ltd cordially invites you to attend the 6th World Summit on Dental Health and Oral Hygiene which is forthcoming in the month of October 28-29, 2020 through Webinar. Oral Therapy-Dent-2020 includes Keynote presentations, exhibitions, oral talks and poster presentations outline the key attractions of the conference on the theme “Discovering the Latest Dissimilarities in Dental Health and Oral Hygiene”.

We genially invite all the participants who are involved in distributing their expertise and exploration in the area of Dentistry and Oral Hygiene.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Exchange ideas and network with leading Dentists, Doctors, Nurses, Health policymakers, Health professionals, Engineers, Researchers from more than 40 countries
  • Discuss quality initiatives that can be applied in the practice
  • Discuss ways to collaborate in putting quality initiatives in place throughout the Dental research
  • Participants can gain direct access to a core audience of professionals and decision-makers and can increase visibility through branding and networking at the conference
  • Learn and discuss key news and challenges with senior level speakers.
  • With presentations, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, and workshops, we cover every topic from top to bottom, from global macro issues to strategies to tactical issues.




Track – 1: Dentistry

Dentistry also termed as dental medicine and oral medicine. Dentistry is a branch of medicine that contains of the study, analysis, inhibition, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and situations of the oral cavity, normally in the dentition but also the oral mucosa, and of adjacent and associated structures and tissues, mainly in the maxillofacial area. Though primarily linked with teeth among the general public, the field of dentistry or dental medicine is not partial to teeth but contains other features of the craniofacial complex counting the temporomandibular joint and other supportive, muscular, lymphatic, nervous, vascular structures.

Dentistry is frequently understood to incorporate the now mainly obsolete medical specialty of stomatology for which reason the two terms are used interchangeably in certain regions. Stomatology is the study of the mouth and its illnesses and diseases. The Surgeon Dentist, a Treatise on Teeth, which for the first time well-defined a complete system for considerate for and treating teeth.

Track – 2: Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene is the exercise of keeping one's mouth fresh and unrestricted of disease and other problems (e.g. wicked breath) by consistent brushing of the teeth (Dental Hygiene) and scrubbing between the teeth. It is significant that oral hygiene be passed out on a regular basis to enable inhibition of dental disease and bad breath. The most public types of dental disease are tooth decay (cavitiesdental caries) and gum diseases, counting gingivitis, and periodontitis.

General strategies advise brushing twice a day: after breakfast and before going to bed, but preferably the mouth would be prepared after every meal. Cleaning between the teeth is called interdental cleaning and is as main as tooth brushing. This is because a toothbrush cannot spread between the teeth and therefore only eliminates about 50% of inscription from the apparent of the teeth.

  • Apicoectomy
  • Nano Composites
  • Periodontics
  • Professional Cleaning

Track – 3: Dental Materials

Dental materials are especially invented materials which are designed for use in dentistry. There are many dissimilar types of dental material, and their appearances fluctuate according to their envisioned persistence. Examples contain temporary dressings, dental restorations, endodontic materials, impression materials, prosthetic materials, dental implants, Dental cements are used most regularly to bond indirect refurbishments such as crowns to the natural tooth surface.

A provisional dressing is a dental filling which is not envisioned to last in the long term. They are temporary materials which may have healing possessions. A mutual use of temporary dressing happens if root canal therapy is approved out over more than one appointment. In between each stay, the pulp canal system must be secure from pollution from the oral cavity, and a temporary filling is positioned in the access cavity.

Track – 4: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) concentrates in surgery of the face, mouth, and jaws. It is an internationally familiar surgical specialty. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is broadly documented as one of the specialties of dentistry. OMFS is a field of dentistry in North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Asia, and Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway). After a full degree in dentistry, the dental specialty position training of oral and maxillofacial surgery may or may not contain a degree in medicine. In countries such as the UK and most of Europe, it is standard as a department of medicine and a degree in medicine or both degrees in dentistry and medicine are essential.

  • Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery
  • Antibiotic Prophylaxis Implant Failure
  • Dentoalveolar Surgery
  • Orthognathic & Aesthetic Surgery

Track – 5: Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is usually used to mention to any dental work that advances the arrival (though not essentially the functionality) of teeth, gums and/or bite. It mainly emphases on development in dental aesthetics in color, place, shape, size, configuration and overall smile presence. Many dentists mention to themselves as "cosmetic dentists" regardless of their specific education, specialty and experience in this field. This has been measured immoral with a major impartial of marketing to patients. The American Dental Association does not identify cosmetic dentistry as an official specialty area of dentistry. There are still dentists that endorse themselves as cosmetic dentists.

  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Dentures
  • Teeth Whitening

Track – 6: Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the repetition of kind for your teeth to keep them strong. This assistance to evade cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. There are many methods of preventive dentistry, such as daily brushing and dental cleanings. To reserve optimal oral health, the American Dental Association allusions visit to the dentist at steady intervals resolute by a dentist. These practices are intended to confirm that teeth are hygienic, solid, and white. Children’s should be trained good oral hygiene at an initial age.

  • Cavities and tooth decay
  • Paediatric oral health care
  • Caries Prevention
  • Epidemiology

Track – 7: Dental Anesthesia

Dental Anesthesia is an arena of anesthesia that contains local anesthetics, calm, and general anesthesia. In dentistry, the most frequently used local anesthetic is lidocaine and it is also called xylocaine or lignocaine, a contemporary additional for procaine which is also known as novocaine. Its half-life in the body is about 1.5–2 hours. Other local anesthetic agents in existing use contain articaine.

  • Pain free dentistry
  • Dental Radiology

Track – 8: Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics, also recognised as dental prosthetics or prosthetic dentistry, it is the area of dentistry that emphases on dental prostheses. Dental pros theory was initiated by French surgeon Pierre Fauchard during the late 17th and early 18th century. Despite the confines of the original surgical instruments, Fauchard discovered many approaches to substitute lost teeth using alternates made from carved blocks of ivory or bone. He also presented dental supports to accurate the situation of teeth using gold wires and silk threads.

  • Maxillo-facial prosthetics
  • Implant-based prostheses
  • Invisalign Techniques
  • Restorative Dentistry

Track – 9: Endodontics

Endodontics includes the study of the basic and clinical sciences of normal dental pulp, the etiology, conclusion, deterrence, and behaviour of diseases and wounds of the dental pulp along with linked periradicular conditions. Endodontics has progressed extremely in the past period and its requests have hugely better the quality of dental treatment.

  • Endodontic Instruments
  • Asepsis in Endodontics
  • Cleaning and Shaping of Root Canal System
  • Regenerative Endodontics
  • Lasers in Endodontics-Application of Diodes

Track – 10: Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that contracts with the analysis, deterrence and correction of malposition teeth and jaws. Abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaws is common; nearly 30% of the population has malocclusions unadorned adequate to advantage from orthodontic treatment. It cans also emphasis on altering facial growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics.

Treatment can take several months to a few years; it includes the use of dental braces and other appliances to slowly move the teeth and jaws around. If the malocclusion is very severe, jaw surgery may be used. Treatment is typically started before a person reaches maturity since bones can more easily be enthused around in children.

  • Recent Advances in Orthodontics
  • Implants in Orthodontics
  • Genetics in Orthodontics
  • Preventive Orthodontics

Track – 11: Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the division of dentistry allocating with children from birth through youth.  Pediatric dentists encourage the dental health of children as well as attend as educational assets for parents.

  • Advanced research in Pediatric dentistry
  • Diagnosis/imaging & Use of lasers in children
  • Preventive & Effective dentistry in children
  • Fluoride dealing

Track – 12: Dental Public Health

Dental Public Health is a non-clinical sphere of dentistry that contracts with the anticipation of oral disease and elevation of oral health. Dental public health is complicated in the valuation of key dental health needs and coming up with operative solutions to progress the dental health of populations rather than entities.

Prevention is becoming progressively significant. Dental related diseases are mainly avoidable and there is a rising burden on health care systems for cure.

  • Diagnostic Procedures

Track – 13: Micro Dentistry

Micro dentistry can be well-defined as the practice of slightly invasive dentistry with the aid of any visual device that enlarges the functioning field. The consequence is approval and arrogance for the dental team and an unparalleled level of clinical quality in treatment.

  • Loupes
  • Dental Operating Microscope
  • Magnification and illumination
  • Pathologies of Pulp and Periapex

Track – 14: Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric Dentistry is the distribution of dental care to older adults connecting analysis, anticipation, organization and deportment of problems related with age related diseases. The mouth is mentioned to as a mirror of overall health, strengthening that oral health is an important part of general health. In the aging population poor oral health has been careful a risk factor for general health problems. Older adults are more vulnerable to oral circumstances or diseases due to a rise in chronic circumstances and physical/mental disabilities.

  • Tooth Wear
  • Dental Radiography

Track – 15: Nano dentistry

Nano dentistry is well-defined as the science and technology of identifying, treating and avoiding oral and dental diseases, releasing pain, protective and refining dental health using nanostructured material.

Track – 16: Periodontology

Periodontology or periodontics is the field of dentistry that studies subsidiary structures of teeth, as well as diseases and conditions that distress them. The supporting tissues are known as the periodontium, which contains the gingiva (gums), alveolar bone, cementum, and periodontal ligament.

A periodontist is a dentist that focuses in the avoidance, diagnosis and dealing of periodontal disease and in the assignment of dental implants.



Oral Therapy-Dent-2020 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to gather in arena. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Discovering the Latest Dissimilarities in Dental Health and Oral Hygiene” which will provide an international platform for discussion of present and future challenges in oral health, dental education and expertise meeting. World-leading health practitioners, clinicians, educators and researchers will present cutting-edge and practical clinical techniques based upon widely accepted evidence and will introduce new and emerging research.


The international oral care/oral cleanliness market was valued at USD 43.31 Billion out of 2017 and is relied upon to develop at a CAGR of 4.5% amid the estimate time frame (2017– 2022) to accomplish USD 53.97 Billion by 2022. The evolving mindfulness with respect to oral cleanliness, rising occurrence of dental caries and other periodontal ailments, and innovative advances in oral care items are heavy the market.


The increasing focus by governments of various countries, to regulate and create awareness regarding Period Dental aliment tests, has successfully resulted in the faster adoption of these tests across the world. The increasing R&D funding, along with the strong market presence by major players in the market, has created a strong entry barrier for new market participants. Innovation in product design, improvement in quality, and strong distribution partnerships are key parameters to retain a competitive edge in the market.

Target Audience:

  • Oral/Dental Surgeons
  • Orthodontists and Periodontists
  • Dental (Maxillofacial) and Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Dental Radiologists
  • Dental Business/Practice Managers
  • Dentists and Paediatric dentists
  • Dental or Oral Hygienists & Therapists
  • Dental Treatment Coordinators
  • Dental Nurses
  • Procurement and Management teams from Corporate Dental Organizations
  • Dental Wholesalers, Dealers and Distributors
  • Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies

Dental Association

  • Australian Dental Association (ADA)
  • Canadian Dental Association (CDA)
  • Royal College of Dentists (RCD)
  • European Federation of Periodontology (EFP)
  • Swedish Dental Society (SDS)
  • Canadian Association of Orthodontists (CAO)

Dental Organization

  • Dental health
  • Mortenson Family Dental
  • Heartland Dental
  • Smiles Dental Group




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